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we are excited to announce: 

With Team Rider Austin aka "@switchlip" representing for us on the west coast, we decided it would be appropriate to bring on another local rider. With a strong reference from Mikey Boyer, or in other words, Mikey basically saying "look, this kid rips, his equipment is whooped, and he's a good kid, he could use the support." That was enough for Team manager Ryan Ritter to get him dialed with a new set up, and just like that - Snowflake Ski Shop signs Oliver Warthling to the team. We are very excited to see what Oliver can do on his new Edollo's. Not only does this kid rip everywhere on the mountain, but his film/editing skills aren't half bad either. From a kid who doesn't say much, his style speaks loud and proud. Only 17 years old & full of potential, it's pretty easy to say that we're stoked for the future with the young ripper from Amherst, NY.

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